I felt compelled to write this letter after having completed our business transaction with you as of December 8th, 2006.

We got your name on reference from a neighbor across the street that had hired your company to remove a stump after the city came in and ripped out trees under a some major power lines. He was pleased with your work and felt the price was very reasonable so as we often do in this neighborhood, we shared the information.

I called and you were out the same day with an estimate for the job, an explanation for what would be done and an approximate time for it to be done. I was not at home the day that you had open up and could remove the tree, but I received a call with a time of day that you would be there on my cell phone while out Christmas shopping. When I came home I found the tree removed, no damage to the turf in the yard, or the run leading to the yard, and a very professional PDF billing in my email account.

Much to my pleasure I also found that when visiting your website that you do business with Paypal and that I could pay you in full from the convenience of my computer without writing a check, using a stamp, or needing to give out my credit card number. This very possibly could be the best all around local service experience from a "home service" vendor (furnace repair, lawn chemicals, building maintenance).

You will have our business and references for as long as they are asked for in the future. .E
Thanks and have a great Christmas season, for you and all your staff!

Ron and Paula Keener